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PropLinc provides real-time stock lists and the capability to manage real estate and investment property from end-to-end.

Providing a comprehensive single channel for the transfer and access of high quality sales and marketing information within a sophisticated online portal.

Key Features

The PropLinc Interactive Portal is individually customised and exclusively tailored for Property Developers, Project Marketers and Investment Groups to streamline the sales process “end to end”.

  • Real-time stock availability and real time reservations
  • Centralised Depository allowing real time
    • Live stock lists
    • Marketing Material
    • Floor plans, Estate Renders,  House Facades,  Build Specifications
    • Sales Documentation and Contract Management.
  • Interactive Agents Portal  with secure prospect registration
  • Customised Reporting
  • Secure access, anywhere, anytime.
  • Responsive use on all mobile devices
  • Live reservations and full contract administration
  • Customised Corporate Branding

Customised to work with your internal and external process

Custom built to meet the exact needs of property developers, with proven success resulting in large-scale property sales and streamlined internal efficiencies.

Content Management

PropLinc provides real-time stock lists, floor plans and essential marketing material, offering increased freedom and business flexibility.
The Interactive Portal enables the sharing of valuable and sensitive information with your internal and external sales team. Building and Servicing a Network of unlimited Agents.


PropLinc has the capability to sell your House & Land Estate, Land Estate or Apartment Project, providing high quality Sales & Marketing information to unlimited approved agents no matter where they are.